Olympus Portable Spa

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As many as 9 people can comfortably relax in the Olympus spa that meets the highest needs. You may also enjoy the beneficial effects of warm water in this spa with 7 seats, 2 recliners and a bevy of jets, ensuring a massage experience greater than ever before.

Dimensions 139.4 × 90.5 × 38.6 in
Seats 2 reclining places, 7 sitting places
Net weight / Water volume 1 984 lbs / 615.8 gallons
Frame Stainless steel frame
Side cover HorizontSide™ UV-proof wood textured
Reinforcement Polyurethane
Insulation Polyfoam (1.4 in/0.4 in)
Drains 1 pc at the bottom
Power requirement 240V 60Hz 48A
Control box Gecko (IN.YT-5)
Control panel SmartTouch
Total number of jets 88 pcs
Laminar fountain jets 2 pcs lighting
Heater 4 kW
Pumps 3 pcs 3 HP single speed
Circulation pump W-EC Pump (0,25 kW)
Cartridge filter 1 pc MicroPlus paper filter
Water sanitization UV-C + Ozone
LED lights 20 pcs LED + 2 pc Central
+ illuminated control valves
Headrests 4 pcs
Sound system AquaSoul™ Pro 4.1
SmartPhone app - wifi connection yes
Aromatic therapy Liquid Aroma
Thermo cover yes (standard 5-3.5 in.)